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Yin For Vitality

This yin practice supports the kidneys and adrenals and bolstering your overall vitality. Take a few moments at the beginning of your practice to set an intention. Spend 2-5 minutes in each posture as an observer. Notice what comes up and the space in between.

LOUNGE LIZZARD - addresses the adrenals and kidneys which regulate the body's stress response. Breath into the shape with the intention of creating rest and ease. Move right into the next pose.



Stay in each shape for 3-5 minutes. Release your arm and lie on your back.

Bring the palms of your hands together and rub vigorously, generating heat; gently cup palms over eyes - breath deeply.

HAPPY BABY - Gently bring your knees into your chest and allow the thighs to move outside of the ribs. Stay still or gently move side to side. Give yourself permission to do what feels good.

Repeat the previous poses on the opposite side.

SEATED TWIST - Gently come to a seat. Move into a gentle seated twist, breathe deeply and rest for 3 minutes. Repeat on the opposite side.

BADDHA KONASANA - Bring the soles of your feet together and let the knees gently fall away from each other. Use whatever support you need under the hips or thighs. 

CAT / COW - Move the spine with the breath. 

CHILD'S POSE / BALASANA - Rest, breathe. 

ANJANAYASANA / LOW LUNGE - Use support under the hands or forearms as needed. Stay for 2 minutes. Repeat on opposite side.

SPHINX - Lie on your belly, tops of the feet flat to the ground with the heels naturally falling away from each other. Let the pubic bone and pelvis get heavy on the ground and, for the first few moments, gently draw the elbows towards the knees to traction the spine. 

PIGEON - As always use support wherever you need - under your hip, arms, head. Repeat on opposite side.

SUPINE TWIST - Lie on your back and let the knees gently fall to the side. Repeat on opposite side.

SAVASANA - Rest. Breathe. Absorb.

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