Krystyn Strother


Yin Yoga For Neck + Shoulders

Neck Stretches - Seated or lying down gently and slowly move your neck side to side pausing where you feel excess tension and taking a few breaths there.

Pachimottonasana/Seated Forward Fold - Generally we are focused on your hamstrings in this pose but today prop yourself up so you feel next to nothing in the backs of the legs so you can focus on breathing into the upper and middle back. 

Hammock Pose - From your forward fold bend your knees and rest back on your forearms. Let the spine sag and the shoulders relax.

Supported Bridge - Place a block, towel, or blanket under your sacrum and let your pelvis get heavy. Close your eyes and let the shoulders and neck muscles relax.

{Quarter Dog  - From table top position walk your arms forward. Place one forearm parallel to the front edge of your mat as shown in the image to the right.

Child's Pose with forward arm at side

Sphinx - Lay on your belly with your forearms on the ground to support you, elbows directly under your shoulders. Let the pubic bone relax and become heavy}

Repeat on opposite side and repeat sphinx noticing the difference from the first time to the second time.

Thread the Needle - From table top position reach one arm behind the other, coming to rest on your shoulder and temple/cheek. Repeat on the opposite side.

Pigeon / DBL Pigeon / Reclining Pigeon - Your choice! Get comfortable and do what feels the most amazing.



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