Krystyn Strother


3 Times You've Been Meditating and Didn't Even Know It.

You don't have to create a sacred space in your house or change your clothes or light a candle to meditate. In fact you have been having little meditative moments your entire life without ever realizing it...good for you!

1. Those first few moments after your alarm goes off in the morning. You lie in bed, your breath deepens and you quietly prepare for the day. You may hit snooze and lie there just for a few extra moments of solitude and calm.

2. When that shower feels so good that you just can't seem to get out. The mind is quiet and nothing else matters except that hot water rushing over your back. Bath taker? Well then you already know that bath time is you time. Eyes closed, immersed in water...pretty meditative and you might have even lit a candle or two.

3. Short walks, long walks. As long as you put that phone down and pay attention to where you feet are going, aware of all that is happening around you, you are having a little mini meditation. It doesn't have to be silent or still to meditate. All you have to do is pay attention. It could be your walk to get lunch in the middle of your work day or a walk around the block after dinner. 

Now that you have a few ideas about meditation in practice, shift your perspective and consider these moments to be little mini meditations. You'll get even more benefit when your intention to be present in the moment is set. 

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