Krystyn Strother


Love Me Till My Heart Stops...

I’ve always been interested in stereotypes and the people who break them. My entire life, it feels, I have been a person who doesn’t, can’t, subscribe to one way of being. Experiencing and moving between things to see what strikes a chord, what resonates, what harmonizes is my constant. As I experience more, the things that move me also change. Some things stick that seem to create dissonance for people. Those who knew me 15 years ago barely recognize the woman that writes this now. Those who know me now can’t believe that it is me in the stories they hear and the photos they see of me from back then. Former lives as a ballroom dance instructor, rock and roll loving industrial/goth chick, go-go dancer, Las Vegas living, barrel racing rodeo princess, girlfriend having, bartender, raver, metal head, don’t really match with the outdoor loving, yoga teaching, nutritionist, camping, meditating, teacher that stands before them.

How do you reconcile a deep love for Stravinsky, The Cranes, Tool and Randy Travis? All black week days at work and colorful clothes to go play outside in?

It’s not an identity crisis. This is truly, truly me. In the most open and unapologetic way, this is who I am. I will listen to the Dixie Chicks with you and sing every word and then, we can listen to Fatih No More and I will blow your mind with my profound appreciation for Mike Patton all of his side projects and all the people that fronted that band before him. In one day you might see me in an Zeppelin tee-shirt, ratty jeans and a pair of flip flops, then next in my favorite Alexander Wang dress and 4 inch heels.

It’s not evolution though. It’s a confident game of finders’ keepers. I’ve found the things that make me happy and I’ve kept them without subscription to what anybody else thinks that “kind of person” should like or be like.

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