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It's no secret that I am not the best at making up recipes, but I am really good at following directions. Therefore, I rely on all the good men and women of the world who have devoted their time and talents to creating easy, and some not so easy, These are my go to cookbooks and websites for delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas. Love something that you don't see listed? Let me know in the comments below!


Oh She Glows - All vegan recipes, most of which are also gluten free, soy free and processed food free. 

Urban Poser - Paleo and auto-immune friendly. Some pretty involved recipes but well worth the time if you've got it.

Against All Grain - Grain free recipes

My New Roots - Loads of healthy and easy to put together salads and bowls. I find that when I grocery shop for her recipes my final bill is a bit higher but the satisfaction of looking into my refrigerator each day is well worth it.

Green Kitchen Stories - You'll have to check out the ingredients list as some of their recipes contain diary/eggs, wheat/gluten, although they give alternatives in some cases. 

Sprouted KitchenYou'll have to check out the ingredients list as some of her recipes contain diary/eggs, wheat/gluten, although she gives alternatives in some cases. 

Thug Kitchen - If you are sensitive to profanity this site isn't for you, but the recipes are the s#%t!

A Couple Cooks

101 Cookbooks - Again, you'll have to filter through some of the recipes to find ones that suit your diet; eggs, wheat, dairy abound but it is such a killer resource for awesome go to for soups.

Replenish PDX's Pinterest Page - Great resource to recipes that live on the web. Organized by meal type. 



Against All Grain

The Gluten Free Vegan

Thug Kitchen

Superfood Kitchen

Eat, Taste, Heal - Also available at Yoga Pearl

The Voluptuous Vegan

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

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