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PHOTO:  tomasorban

PHOTO: tomasorban

β€œThe remote control of our mind should rest firmly in the palm of our hand.” -Amma

The I Am meditation uses the Sanskrit phrase SO-hum, it means "I Am That."

This phrase holds roots in different religions and philosophies throughout our existence. I AM THAT is the answer Moses receives when he asks God's name at the burning bush.

In Vedic philosophy and Tantrism, this same concept is contained in the Sanskrit phrase So 'ham  ("I Am That"). "I Am" signifies consciousness of the self and "That" signifies consciousness that we are part of something greater and bigger than just ourselves as an individual - Universal Consciousness. Together the phrase expresses that both are one identity. We, each one of us, is That." 

The belief is that in order for a mantra to really work it's magic the energy of the sounds need to be released. One can achieve this via repetition of the mantra in your mind. Through focused repetition, your mind and the mantra start to become one.  

If all of this is a bit to woo woo for you I understand. You can use this mantra simply as a relaxing and introspective meditation. Simply notice what comes up in your head and heart as you repeat the sounds "SO-hum" or "I AM"

Inhale...SO / I

Exhale...hum / AM

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