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Sweet - The 6 Tastes of Ayurveda

Sweet taste includes nutritious foods like carbohydrates (yes these are nutritious), fats, and proteins. We tend to think sugary foods when we think sweet but in Ayurveda sweet is anything that tastes nourishing, anything that tastes like energy. Think of the food that build muscle or fat tissue. 

Excess sweet taste in the diet, especially grains and refined sugars, thicken the blood plasma bogging down the circulation of oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Lethargy, high blood pressure, swelling in the hands and feet are also a result of stagnation in the circulatory system. When circulation is slow, inflammation begins in the body due to a cellular build up in the lymphatic system. 

The health of our lungs depend on good circulation throughout the body. Excess sweet causes mucous to build up in the back of the throat and lungs reducing the amount of oxygen the lungs receive. John Joseph Immel states, "The thyroid compensates by lowering the metabolism." Symptoms of a low thyroid include dry skin, constipation, slow metabolism, always cold, and being overweight.

Remedies for Excess Sweet Taste: (good for balancing Kapha)

"Avoid refined sugar, candy, soda, ice-cream and other processed foods with sugars. These foods confuse your 'appestat' - your body's natural appetite control mechanisms. Honey and fruits may be a safe way to satisfy your sweet cravings without weight gain. Fruits and honey are also much less addictive. Raw honey is a great natural fat metabolizer and stabilizes your blood sugar. Its warming quality boosts your energy. Raw honey is known to help reduce the toxins off of the intestinal wall.Try date sugar, bananas or raisins as sugar substitutes in your cooking."

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