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2015 Goals + Intentions

Whether you set goals, intentions, intentions that help support your goals, or some variation of the two in 2014 it is important to look back and examine how it all worked for you. 

Last year, I felt, was the first time I really took the whole intention for the year thing seriously. First, I think that for the first time in a long time I felt comfortable in my life. Not that things weren't hard, this past year was the most difficult year for me financially and emotionally, but all of those shenanigans aside I felt like I was living from an authentic place. Second, I found an intention that I could connect with. It meant a lot to me and I knew that I would be a better human for practicing it. CONNECTION.

It's a hard thing for me and I'm still exploring why, but I am generally just fine hanging out by myself, working, reading, hiking, whatever.  I am by all definitions a high functioning introvert. I learned the social skills necessary and I have to remind myself to use them when I am out in group settings. That being said I really wanted to connect with more people and experiences this past year. That meant saying yes to people and situations more often than I normally would AND going in to those situations or conversations with a positive outlook. I mean, what kind of connection would I be making if I couldn't at least put a smile on my face and have an openness about the whole experience?

The result was incredible. I met some of the most wonderful people. I let myself get to know those who I considered friends on a more intimate level -- and they got to know me better as well. I experienced. A kind of experiencing that is so full it is indescribable. When I allowed myself to fully experience what was in front of me and all around me with the intention of connection...that's when I really began to feel the shift towards being a better human take place. If you are bored or feel like you're're not paying attention. There is some really radical shit happening all around you. 

So, my intention for 2015 is strength. I don't yet know how that will make manifest but I can not wait to see what happens. What are your intentions or goals for this next year? Let me know in the comments or check out the 2015 Goals + Intentions thread on the forum. 


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