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Americanos, Macchiatos and Flan! Oh my!


I know my New Yorker and PDX peeps will scoff at this but have you considered getting on the caffeine free train? Here is a great to kick caffeine the easy way. Now I know this is hypocritical of me to talk about since I love my coffee. Americanos, macchiatos, almond milk lattes…mmmm mmmm! However, I think that one of the ways I move towards something or some idea is by talking about it. With my coffee I’m generally happy to have decaf. It’s the flavor I love not the feeling. Those rich, chocolate, caramel, sometimes fruity flavors that tickle the tongue really, really make me happy. Sitting with a warm cup in my hands and smelling the aromas (yes, just like the Foldger’s commercials) has become a morning ritual I look forward to. However, the deeper I get into creating a healthy lifestyle for myself the more I understand about caffeine and how bad it is for my body.

Here is an excerpt from the article over at Dr. Frank’s. You can catch the full article and a 30 Rock reference here.

  • Day 1: Today, have your usual amount of coffee.
  • Day 2 – Day 5: Blend your coffee 50%-50% with decaf (preferably certified organic). Drink that for three days.
  • Day 6: Have 25% regular coffee, 75% decaf for one day.
  • Day 7: Start drinking pure decaf.

*Eventually, maybe you’ll consider kicking the decaf.

I’ll always tout the “everything in moderation” horn and for that I will, for the time being, still indulge in my coffee habit. Like most people I know I have a knack for loving things that aren’t great for me. The funny thing is, many of those things I’ve found to be not especially wonderful for my body I eventually eliminate from my life. The more you begin to understand about your body and how it functions at it’s best the more inclined you are to do good things for it. Sometimes this means allowing yourself something you really want. Right now I love a delicious piece of flan from across the road. I don’t do it every night but I do treat myself, without guilt, without worry and with a big freakin’ smile on my face.

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